Friday, February 5, 2010

How the days went by...

Here it is...FRIDAY!!!!
AND the first full week
I worked this year (2010)
LOL!!!! It went by so quickly
that I got behind on days...
I thought Wednesday was Tuesday
and so on like that...I didn't
wanna wake up this morning so
I kept resetting my alarm...
When it goes off it scares me...
I mean I jump...Not a good way
to wake EVER! But I'm up...

We're still looking for a
car/truck for Josh...The one
that we were looking at sold
on Monday to people who wanted
it 'as is'...That's fine with
me...Just means that if there
was anything else wrong with
it it is not our problem...
He has found a few mustangs
that he wants and a couple of
nice trucks too...We'll see...

Other than that nothing much has
been going on...It stopped raining
(finally)...I really don't like
cold windy drizzly rain like we
got on Wednesday and Thursday...

Alrighty, y'all take it easy, have
a great Friday and may your weekend

Until next time! HUGS!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Monday...

Well, it's Monday...What do I say to that...
BRING IT ON!!!!! I'm kinda ready for it LOL!

We had a pretty good weekend here...Went
car/truck shopping Friday and Saturday...
Then on Sunday we had a great lunch with
my in laws :)

Josh really liked test driving this one
truck we're looking at for him...If it's
fixed and nothing else is wrong with it
then we may just go ahead and get it for
him...It's a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 black
with black interior...It's a single
cab...He was really wanting a crew cab
or at least an extended one...May just
forget about this one and keep on looking...

Alrighty, y'all have a great day, don't let
anything bring you down or get under your
skin :)

Until next time HUGS!!!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

My weekend starts early :)

WOW! I haven't worked a full week
yet this year!!! LOL!!!
We started back to school on the
5th of January...and I started
getting sick on the 6th so I
called my boss at home and told
her I wasn't gonna be in on the
7th which turned out to be a
snow day but I was still out
on the 8th...THEN the kids had
semester tests on the 14th and
15th so I didn't have to work
those days either...THEN they
were off for MLK day on the
18th...Now only the kids at
the school I work at have a
half day...We got to chose if
we worked or not...I'm taking
the day off :) OH YEAH! Sleepin
in!!! HA!! This is an awesome

I don't know who watches
AMERICAN IDOL on here but
I for one do just till they
go to Hollywood...Well, last
year I did watch it all the
way till the end cause of
Adam Lambert :) Now THIS
year a student from the
school that I work at is
on his way to HOLLYWOOD!!!!
WOOO!!!!! His name is
ALEX LAMBERT (no relation to
Adam) I will watch it for
Alex!!!! And I'm praying
he makes it all the way
to the top 2 :) I'm also
gonna cast my vote for
him (yes, I favor my kids)
every week :) So, look for

That's about it...I'm gonna
go shower now and get dinner
started...I don't know what
I'm gonna cook but I better
think quick :)

Until next time LOVES YOU!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's Tuesday! WOO HOO!!!!!
One day closer to Friday and
one day PAST Monday LOL!

Yesterday was a pretty
busy day...We were three
people short and only got
one sub...Not a problem...
We got through it...I am
however hoping today is better...
I like to get out of work on
time :) Heck, who doesn't right?

I wish the weather would make up
its mind as to what it wants to
do...Last week was such a comfortable
one...The temperatures were just
perfect for my liking...Now it's
cold and windy...Two things I don't
like...Guess I just gotta live
with it...

Alrighty, y'all take it easy and
I'll try to watch some of the news
and give my views on things that
are going on there :)

Until next time! HUGS!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


HEY Y'ALL!!!!!

Welcome to my blog...Hope that
you will like what I post here...
Please feel free to comment...

This is a place for me to talk
about how I feel about things that
go on during my day or about something
that I see on the news...It is not
for bullying, defacing, or harming
anyone...If for some reason I do
offend someone then I'm sorry and
you may leave...

I would do this on FACEBOOK but they
don't let you write so many words...