Thursday, January 28, 2010

My weekend starts early :)

WOW! I haven't worked a full week
yet this year!!! LOL!!!
We started back to school on the
5th of January...and I started
getting sick on the 6th so I
called my boss at home and told
her I wasn't gonna be in on the
7th which turned out to be a
snow day but I was still out
on the 8th...THEN the kids had
semester tests on the 14th and
15th so I didn't have to work
those days either...THEN they
were off for MLK day on the
18th...Now only the kids at
the school I work at have a
half day...We got to chose if
we worked or not...I'm taking
the day off :) OH YEAH! Sleepin
in!!! HA!! This is an awesome

I don't know who watches
AMERICAN IDOL on here but
I for one do just till they
go to Hollywood...Well, last
year I did watch it all the
way till the end cause of
Adam Lambert :) Now THIS
year a student from the
school that I work at is
on his way to HOLLYWOOD!!!!
WOOO!!!!! His name is
ALEX LAMBERT (no relation to
Adam) I will watch it for
Alex!!!! And I'm praying
he makes it all the way
to the top 2 :) I'm also
gonna cast my vote for
him (yes, I favor my kids)
every week :) So, look for

That's about it...I'm gonna
go shower now and get dinner
started...I don't know what
I'm gonna cook but I better
think quick :)

Until next time LOVES YOU!!!!!!



Just said...

I don't have cable but if you send me the number I vote for him ... for you ... that is awesome... I am cooking Turkey breast roast. Tex mex style. You are lucky.. was wondering it you got hit by this storm. Enjoy you day ... have court ( divorce case finally ) So hopefully this weekend I will be no longer legally married!!!!!!!!! (the marriage ended years ago ... been legally separated for almost two years , hate New Mexico)

So hope next time I see you will be legally divorced.
Go Alexander Go nice name BTW
Love and Huggs Lee

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