Friday, February 5, 2010

How the days went by...

Here it is...FRIDAY!!!!
AND the first full week
I worked this year (2010)
LOL!!!! It went by so quickly
that I got behind on days...
I thought Wednesday was Tuesday
and so on like that...I didn't
wanna wake up this morning so
I kept resetting my alarm...
When it goes off it scares me...
I mean I jump...Not a good way
to wake EVER! But I'm up...

We're still looking for a
car/truck for Josh...The one
that we were looking at sold
on Monday to people who wanted
it 'as is'...That's fine with
me...Just means that if there
was anything else wrong with
it it is not our problem...
He has found a few mustangs
that he wants and a couple of
nice trucks too...We'll see...

Other than that nothing much has
been going on...It stopped raining
(finally)...I really don't like
cold windy drizzly rain like we
got on Wednesday and Thursday...

Alrighty, y'all take it easy, have
a great Friday and may your weekend

Until next time! HUGS!!!


Unknown said...

Hey there my friend!!
Good to read you! I hope you guys are closer to finding a truck for Josh. We found one for my son at the time that was only $700. Nothing fancy... but almost 2 years later it is still running! :)


Ryan said...

love josh new truck! hehe waiting on him to give me a ride!

betty said...

hey laurie! how's it goin? did you ever find wheels for Josh???


Just said...

Yeah I know ... lol ... what about ya blog stranger ... lol anyway really just checking on ya ... and still looking here ! For ya ...: )